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State resurrects artificial reef program

July 21, 2010

The Department of Environmental Conservation said it will reactivate the state’s dormant artificial reef program in anticipation of receiving an influx of funding from the state’s new saltwater fishing license fees and possibly millions in federal funding.

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Of Fish and Flexibility

June 12, 2009

Senator Charles Schumer has introduced a bill called The Flexibility in Rebuilding American Fisheries Act. Flexibility, in this case, means bending to the will of fishermen who want to keep vacuuming up depleted fish populations before they have a chance to recover.

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Draft List Includes Artificial Reefs And A Model Ship Testing Facility

March 27, 2009

If you had nearly $25 billion dollars at hand -- as in the amount of federal dollars New York will receive under the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act -- how would you use it?

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Mystery Ship Found in Lake Ontario

December 13, 2008

Two explorers conducting underwater surveys of Lake Ontario have uncovered an aquatic mystery - a rare 19th-century schooner sitting upright 500 feet under the waves.

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Green Your Routine - Next Stop: Under The Sea

Today Show
November 21, 2008

Today show video of New York Subway cars sunk for underwater reefs.

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Weiner Proposes Using Retired Subway Cars As Barrier Reefs

NY1 News
November 10, 2008

A local congressman wants to change the final resting place for retired subway cars. Congressman Anthony Weiner held a news conference yesterday to call on the state to revise environmental codes to allow the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to dump retired subway cars into city waters.

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