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Barnegat Bay Near Good Luck Point To Become Home To Artificial Reef

October 9, 2012

A barge carrying tens of thousands of clam shells was located just south of Atlantic City last night, on its way to off Good Luck Point in Barnegat Bay. Its final destination will be a one-acre site in the central portion of the bay that scientists have identified as a historic site for oyster growth.

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Record-breaking horseshoe crab sinks off Monmouth County coast

August 30, 2012

A 50-foot long, 113,000-pound Atlantic horseshoe crab sank off the coast of Monmouth County on Thursday morning – and people cheered.

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State delays horseshoe crab sculpture sinking for two weeks

July 26, 2012

Artist Chris Wojcik and his Art as Reef team will have to wait at least another two weeks before they can see their 47-foot, life-like horseshoe crab sculpture reach its final destination, the Axel Carlson Reef.

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47-foot Horseshoe Crab Sculpture Slated for Deployment on Axel Carlson Reef

July 18, 2012

The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife has announced that the deployment of a 47-foot sculpture of a horseshoe crab constructed from concrete will occur soon on the Axel Carlson Reef. The sculpture is being deployed as part of the Division's Artificial Reef Program.

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Retired Destroyer About To Become Artificial Reef

July 8, 2010

It now appears a target window, if not a firm date, has been established for the sinking of a retired U.S. Navy destroyer as part of a three-state artificial reef system just 30 miles from the Ocean City Inlet.

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Nonprofit blasts plan to sink USS Arthur W. Radford for artificial reef

Dec 13, 2010

Next spring’s sinking of the USS Arthur W. Radford will pollute the ocean with toxic waste, cost Americans jobs and hurt marine life by attracting fish to one area where they will be over-harvested, according to a report by the Basel Action Network, a national nonprofit group that focuses on environmental and trade issues.

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USS Radford deployment most likely delayed

Nov 26, 2010

The N.J. Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) said this week that the reefing of the USS Radford will most likely take place in April, 2011.

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Navy destroyer USS Radford is readied to be sunk as part of an artificial reef off Cape May County

Sept 17, 2010

Glenn Arthur looked at the massive ship next to him and figured it just might put Cape May on the scuba diving map.

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Use of old vessels as artificial reefs not sunk amid recession

June 19, 2010

A bad economy can be good for New Jersey’s artificial reef program.

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State to sink barge in memory of Avalon fisherman

June 10, 2010

The state will sink a 90-foot barge over the Townsends Inlet reef Friday in memory of a local fisherman who spent some of his happiest days on the water.

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Preparations for ex-USS Arthur W. Radford sinking under way

June 8, 2010

The transfer agreement giving title of the ex-USS Arthur W. Radford to Delaware for sinking as an artificial reef was formalized this week when the US Navy issued a “Notice to proceed” to move the former destroyer to dry dock in the Philadelphia Naval Yard.

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N.J. creates artificial reefs without subway cars

June 1, 2010

Despite an end to sinking New York City subway cars to create artificial reefs off the state's coast, New Jersey is still moving ahead with other artificial reef programs to both attract fish as well as dispose of hulks that would cost more using traditional methods.

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USS Olympia to be Sunk as Artificial Reef?

May 23, 2010

The old warship has been part of Philadelphia’s waterfront for 50 years and left lasting impressions on thousands of visitors who heard gripping stories of its role in the Spanish-American War.

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Of Fish and Flexibility

June 12, 2009

Senator Charles Schumer has introduced a bill called The Flexibility in Rebuilding American Fisheries Act. Flexibility, in this case, means bending to the will of fishermen who want to keep vacuuming up depleted fish populations before they have a chance to recover.

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N.Y. Harbor rocks to adorn Shore reefs

April 11, 2009

Rocks blasted out of the bottom of New York Harbor are headed south, to New Jersey's artificial fishing reefs where hopper barges will begin dropping chunks of sandstone, shale and granite around April 21, according to the state Division of Fish and Wildlife.

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State Halts Subway Car Deployments On Offshore Reefs

February 6, 2009

New York City subways cars placed on the state?s artificial fishing reef off this resort back in April are already showing ?unusual damage? and the program has been suspended.

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Reef bill passes Senate, Hooked on fishing not drugs gets 2nd reading!

Sally Growler
October 24, 2008
Stripers Online

A3379 Assembly: Establishes, in the Division of Fish and Wildlife in DEP, a program to encourage school children to avoid drug use and appropriates $200,000 therefor from Drug Enforcement and Demand Reduction Fund. Reported approved and out of assembly for second reading.

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500 Reef Balls Slated for Deployment on the Great Egg and Little Egg Reefs

October 21, 2008

Five hundred reef balls have been constructed at Southern State Correctional Facility at Delmont and are ready for deployment during early November at the Great Egg and Little Egg Reefs. The Great Egg Reef is located eight nautical miles southeast of Absecon Inlet and the Little Egg Reef is located five nautical miles east of Little Egg Inlet. Each reef site will receive 250 reef balls. The reef balls will soon be homes for more than 150 species of fish and other marine life as part of the Artificial Reef Program.

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