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Devonport frigate could be sunk as reef for diving

September 15, 2012

The prospect of a once Devonport-based Type 22 frigate being deployed as a dive wreck has emerged after campaigners missed out on securing the former Navy flagship, HMS Ark Royal. Earlier this week, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced it was selling the iconic vessel to a Turkish scrap metal firm in a £3 million deal.

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Sale of HMS Ark Royal for scrap kills Torbay diving reef plan

September 12, 2012

A bid to buy the Royal Navy's flagship HMS Ark Royal to create a diving reef off the Westcountry coast has been scuppered with the vessel destined to be sold on as scrap metal for £3 million. The Wreck the World team were hoping to sink the aircraft carrier in Tor Bay, off the South Devon coast, to create what would have been the UK's largest artificial reef.

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Frigates earmarked for Tor Bay sinking as rival bid for largest artificial reef emerges

August 20, 2012

Two potential sites have been found for what would be the UK’s largest artificial reef. The team behind the bid to bring HMS Ark Royal to Tor Bay to sink her to create a diving reef are now cracking on with similar proposals to secure a de-comissioned Type-22 frigate.

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Artificial reef could be sunk by Easter

July 24, 2012

THE UK's largest artificial reef could be sunk in Tor Bay waters by next Easter. The team bidding to secure Ark Royal as the world's second-largest artificial reef is also bidding for a smaller frigate to sink within the Bay.

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Authorities close the Boscombe artificial surf reef

April 5, 2011

The Boscombe artificial surf reef has been considered unsafe and will be closed to surfing. The £3.2million project was opened in 2009, but the quality of the produced waves was below acceptable levels.

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Plans for artificial reef near Aberystwyth gets funding go-ahead

Aug 23, 2010

A massive artificial reef near Aberystwyth has finally received the funding needed for the multimillion pound project after years of planning.

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Weymouth artificial reefs plan hits choppy waters

Aug 21, 2010

A PROJECT to create artificial reefs near Wey-mouth to boost diving and fishing industries is facing bumpy waters.

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Surfer reef plan for Welsh resort moves a step closer

Aug 14, 2010

PLANS to build an artificial reef to attract surfers and protect the West Wales coast are a step closer.

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Boost for South Coast reefs project

July 12, 2010

A campaign to establish an area of artificial reefs near Weymouth and Portland has taken an important step with the granting of a site lease.

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Dorset Council decide to back artificial reef ship plan

June 30, 2010

A bid to sink an old warship off the Dorset coast to create an artificial diving reef has been back by Dorset County Council cabinet members.

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Silt blamed for dive pair deaths

June 17, 2009

Kaye Moss, 43, and David White, 42, from Gloucestershire, were on a diving trip on the wreck of the 113ft-long (34m) frigate HMS Scylla. The frigate was scuttled in Whitsand Bay in 2004 to create an artificial reef for divers and sealife. A verdict of accidental death was recorded at an inquest in Plymouth.The inquest heard Ms Moss and Mr White died because they failed to trail a line to show them how to get out of the ship which rests in about 65ft (20m) of water.

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Silt warnings around Scylla reef

April 7, 2009

Divers are warning that the dumping of dredged material could spoil diving around an artificial reef off Cornwall.

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The wreck that made £30 million

March 26, 2009

BUSINESS leaders believe Europe's first artificial diving reef off Whitsand Bay has generated up to £30million in its first five years. On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the sinking of the former HMS Scylla, Tim Jones, chairman of the Devon and Cornwall Business Council, said the wreck had created an "absolutely massive boost" to Plymouth's economy.

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Surf reef 'completed by August'

March 5, 2009

Dorset's much-delayed artificial surf reef should be finished by August, the developer has said.

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Reef ship plan hits funding snag

January 28, 2009

Plans to create an artificial reef by sinking a ship off the Dorset coast have been met with a lukewarm reception by a potential investor.

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Let's sink a battleship to create artificial reefs off Portland

January 26, 2009

Bold new plans have been unveiled to create a series of artificial reefs by sinking old warships off Portland.

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UK Beach Town Hopes for Hawaiian Waves

December 10, 2008
Spiegel Online International

With a planned artificial reef, a British seaside resort hopes to cash in on European surfing tourism. When completed, the underwater ramp is expected to create waves as high as 13 feet.

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Recipe for rescuing our reefs

Rod Salm
November 5, 2008
BBC News

The colourful world supported by coral reefs is under threat as oceans absorb greater quantities of carbon dioxide, says Rod Salm. In this week's Green Room, he says we must accept that we are going to lose many of these valuable ecosystems, but adds that not all hope is lost.

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Great Borough Reef cash boost

Vesela Todorova
October 22, 2008
News Guardian

A CASH injection of nearly £30,000 from the Government's Sea Change programme is set to give the North Tyneside coastline a major boost.

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