EGAT donates electric cups to navy for use as artificial reef

August 31, 2012

The Electrical Generating Authority of Thailand has donated 2,400 electric caps to the Royal Thai Navy to use to construct undersea artificial reefs.

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Work begins on final phase of Jomtien Beach artificial reef

May 4, 2012

Work on the final segment of a Jomtien Beach artificial reef got underway April 24 with top Pattaya officials helping to release fish and shrimp into the sea.

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PHUKET BUSINESS: Artificial reefs key to mass tourism dive industry

April 27, 2012

In the tourism game creating memories is everything, explains the Head of Development at Reef Worlds, Dave Taylor.

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Final segments of artificial reef to be laid in Jomtien Beach

March 30, 2012

Concrete pipes lying on Jomtien Beach will soon be home to fish and other sea life when they are dropped into the ocean a kilometer off shore as part of the ongoing Fish Home project.

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HTMS Prab sunk to make new reef

May 20, 2011

An old Thai warship, HTMS Prab, has been sent to the seabed off Ngam Noi Island, Chumphon province, to serve in its new role as an artificial reef for marine life, Thorn Thamrongnavasawat, of the fishery faculty at Kasetsart University, said on Friday.

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Artificial reefs sunk off Phuket’s west coast

Feb 24, 2011

About 200 concrete cubes were sunk in Bang Tao Bay, on Phuket’s west coast, today as the ongoing artificial reef project resumed.

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Fisheries Dept brings in the big guns

July 23, 2010

The last call of duty for 25 Chinese-made tanks will not be as killing machines but to provide a breeding ground for marine life in the Gulf of Thailand.

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Artificial Reefs for Coral

June 11, 2010

Thai fish boats tow a a cement platforms before they are dumped into the sea off the coast of southern Thailand near Pattani province on June 11, 2010.

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Ships sinking for artificial reefs at Racha Yai Island

October 2, 2009

Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Centre Region 5, and other concerning agencies, organise an artificial coral reef project.

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Old planes being sunk to form new reef

Apinya Wipatayotin
Bangkok Post
November 24, 2008

Ten decommissioned military aircraft are being dumped in the Andaman sea, about three kilometres off Phuket, to create an artificial reef for divers.

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