Board of Directors

Steven M. Barsky

SteveBarsky.jpgSteve Barsky started diving in 1965 and became a diving instructor in 1970. His first 10 years of employment were in the retail dive store environment. Steve's background includes being a commercial diver, working in the offshore oil industry in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and South America. He worked dives down to 580 feet. Barsky was marketing manager for Viking America, Inc., an international manufacturer of dry suits. He also served in a similar position at Diving Systems International, now called Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of commercial diving helmets. In 1989, Steve formed Marine Marketing and Consulting. The company provides market research, marketing plans, consulting, newsletters, promotional articles, technical manuals, and other services for the diving and ocean industry. He has consulted to Light and Motion, Drager, AquaLung/U.S. Divers Co., Inc., Seagle Systems, Inc., Diving Unlimited International (DUI), Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc., DAN, NAUI, and numerous other companies. He also investigates diving accidents and serves as an expert witness in dive accident litigation. Steve is an accomplished author and underwater photographer. His photos have been used in numerous magazine articles, catalogs, advertising, training programs and textbooks. In 1999, Steve and his wife Kristine formed Hammerhead Press to publish high quality diving books. Marine Marketing and Consulting, Hammerhead Press, and Hammerhead Video all operate under the umbrella of the Carcharodon Corporation.

Joel Geldin

JoelGeldin.pngJoel Geldin became interested in man-made reefs at the same time be became certified as a recreational diver. His first open water dive in California was on the Yukon in San Diego. Joel believes the Orange County coast is a perfect location for diveable, sustainable ocean habitats for sea life. He was elected to the California Ships to Reefs Board of Directors in June 2008, and currently serves as Chairman & CEO. Joel is also President and co-Founder of Geldin/Dubin Group, Inc. a 6-year old consulting firm in the food processing industry. For the previous 30 years, Joel worked for the Geldin Meat Company, a generation-spanning family business where he became the Chief Operating Officer. He has been a director, or officer of the National Meat Association and the Associated Meat and Food Suppliers of Southern California, as well as a management trustee for the Retail Clerks Union and Teamster Union pension and welfare funds. Joel has served on boards and committees for charitable organizations including the Boy Scouts of America.

Chairman & President

Dick Long        

DickLong.pngDick Long is one of the pioneers of the diving industry and the founder of Diving Unlimited International (DUI). In 1965 he worked as a contract diver for the U.S. Navy in the Arctic and from 1965 through 1972 he operated his own commercial diving company. He is past Chairman of San Diego Oceans Foundation. Dick's consuming passion during 1999-2000 was the management of the sinking of HMCS Yukon, a former Canadian Navy ship, which has become an artificial reef for divers. Since that time Dick has been spreading the word, helping new organizations start their own artificial reefing programs, including California Ships to Reefs (CSTR). He is currently Chief Advisor to CSTR.

Secretary & Treasurer

Eleanore Rewerts        

Eleanore Rewerts has 40+ years experience in administration/accounting/marketing management, and is certified in Paralegal Studies and Grant Writing. She served as VP Administration for California Ships to Reefs from November 2006 until 2007 when she was appointed Executive Director until November 2008. Eleanore currently serves as Secretary/Treasurer and VP, Communication/ Finance of CSTR & is Treasurer and a Director of Northern California Oceans Foundation.

Robert Watts

Robert Watts has enjoyed a diverse career in the finance industry, corporate and association management for over thirty five years. For the past 11 years he has worked as a financial and management consultant, specializing in management turnarounds in various industries as a principal in his firm Pacific Asset Group. In addition, Robert has analyzed and underwritten commercial real estate nationwide for banks, buyers and turnaround specialists. His primary focus is corporate restructures, with special attention to directional changes, negotiations, and the acquisition, disposition or leasing of large commercial real estate projects. As an avid scuba diver for over forty-three years, Robert has traveled to over twenty-nine countries worldwide. A strong supporter of the diving industry, he has worked on several issues concerning the industry in an attempt to bring an unbiased position to the issues. Robert was part of the management team for Project Yukon. HMCS Yukon, a Canadian frigate was reefed in San Diego in 2000. He has worked with several non-profit environmental foundations to assist them in their mission to protect the environment.